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Education & Training
Clinical Research

   As an important metropolitan hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin-Chu Branch (NTUH, Hsin-Chu Br.) provides education and training to a large variety of medical, paramedical, and non-medical personnel, including medical interns, post-graduate trainees with medical background, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, Psychology, etc. In addition to providing educational instructions, NTUH Hsin-Chu Br. training program emphasizes on that trainees gain clinical expertise and skills through practices.


  For undergraduate students,the NTUH Hsin-Chu Br. provides education and training programs for both domestic and international students-- in accordance with NTUH’s International Cooperation plan.


 For post-graduate medical training, we provide medical residents with an excellent environment for them to further their medical knowledge and clinical skills.

  In making the medical residents better understand patients suffering, it is mandatory to them to take courses in clinical medicine, physicians and humanities, physicians and the society, to name few.


 For paramedical and non-medical personnel as well as pharmacists, nurses, therapists, medical technologists, dietitians, we offer regular classes, as a part of continuing educations.


  We are devoted to providing an environment for lifelong learning for all our staff members in face of the ever- evolving health needs.


Visiting Clinical Scholar Program and Fellowship Training Program…
Training Program for Foreign Clinicians Elective Courses


  The following courses are available at the NTUH Hsin-Chu Br. The period of these electives ranges from 2 weeks to several months; naturally, each department can adjust the length of each course to suit the individual clinician’s need.


  On the application form, please list your desired course as well as its alternatives in case that your desired course is not available during your stay. You may also suggest any courses and subspecialties that are of interest to you but are not listed here. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Also do notify us if you wish to change your rotation dates and courses after being accepted; please note that an official approval letter would be required before any change to take place.


Credits, Certificate, and Evaluation


  Credits for the clinical electives taken by foreign clinicians will not be given; instead, a certificate will be issued upon the completion of each clinical elective, and the evaluation of performance will be sent to your institution.


Who Can Apply?


  Applicants who have completed their first year of post-graduate clinical training are welcome to participate in the elective program.

Applicants must also meet the following requirements:

  1. Good academic standing
  2. Completion of the first year of residency training3. Proficiency in either Chinese or English

 Our teaching and clinical practices are conducted mainly in Mandarin Chinese, supplemented by English textbooks.


  Chinese proficiency can be provided by one of the following form:
1. If the applicant receives his/her primary education in Taiwan or in China, just indicate so on the curriculum vitae.
2. If the applicant can speak Chinese, a letter by the student or family members would be accepted. (Ex: I hereby certify that the applicant] is fluent in conversational Mandarin Chinese. [signature])
3. If the applicant is (has been) enrolled in a Chinese language class, a certificate or a transcript of record from the language school is preferred.


Required Application Documents


  The application documents should be received at least three months prior to your program:
1. A completed application form with a recent photograph (passport photo).
2. A recommendation letter from your academic supervisor or the director of your residency training program.
3. An essay describing your interests if accepted .
4. Curriculum Vitae
5. Photocopy of your medical diplomas
6. Photocopies of any medical licenses.
7. Proof of your residency training (at least one full year of post-graduate clinical training is required).
8. A photocopy of your passport (the inner page containing personal information and photograph).
9. A certificate of heath (w/o Pulmonary Tuberculosis nor Hepatitis B ).
10. Proof of travel and health insurances.
11. Proof of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese (if available)


Application Procedures


  Upon receipt of the above documents, your application will be reviewed by the chairperson of the respective department, and it takes about 10 weeks to process. If the application is accepted, a letter of acceptance with our arrangements will be issued.
  The applicant must notify his/her acception of our arrangements 4 weeks prior to the starting dat. If the candidate wishes to withdraw from the electives or change his/her arrival date, please notify us in writing at least 6 weeks before the elective term.
  Application documents will be reviewed by the NTUH, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Upon approval, the applicant will receive a letter of acceptance, which will be required to obtain a Taiwanese visa. The processing time takes around 3 months.


Registration Procedure


1. On arrival, report to the Department of Education of the NTUH Hsin-Chu Br.
2. Bring one 1-inch recent photo for the issuance of a NTUH Hsin-Chu Br. ID card.


Learning at the NTUH Hsin-Chu Br.


1. Every trainee is assigned to a preceptor who will be responsible for the overall objectives of the elective program and relevant issues.
2. Every trainee will be given an introduction to the NTUH Hsin-Chu Br.
3. Nore, trainees are not allowed to conduct any clinical work without a valid Taiwan license.
4.The trainee’s preceptor will track , if needed, to modify the program.
5. Questionnaires:Each trainee will be asked to fill out a set of questionnaires at the conclusion of the program is mandatory




  Each trainees must apply for either a visitor visa, or a resident visa (for staying longer than 180 days), before coming to Taiwan. The Taiwan (ROC) visas is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or ROC overseas missions.
Long-term stays (more than 180 days): Resident Visa holders are required to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) at the local service of the Ministry of Interior’s Immigration Agency within 15 days after arrival.
They may stay in Taiwan as long as their Alien Resident Certificates is valid. The application fee is NT$ 2,200 for a single entry and NT$3,000 for multiple entries.
  Short-term stays:Visa holders may extend their stay 15 days before the expiration of the current visa.




1. Valid travel and health insurance are required on trips to Taiwan. The clinician is responsible for his/her own health insurance.
2. Taiwan National Health Insurance is available to ARC holders after 4
months’ stay.


Whom You should Contact


National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin-Chu Br.
No.25, Lane 442, Sec.1, Jingguo Rd., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
For more information, contact Department of Medical Education.
Tel: (886)-3-5326-151#8855
 Fax: (886)-3-5324584
 E-mail: mailto:scjun@ntuh.gov.tw ​​​
Daily Life at NTUH and in Taiwan

Other sources for accommodations:




There are one restaurant; one bakery and one convenience store
behind the main building (about NT$50-200 per meal).
The restaurants and stores at NTUH Hsin-Chu Br. offer 10% discount to the
staff of NTUH Hsin-Chu Br. bearing valid NTUH Hsin-Chu Br. ID cards.




1. A 24hr convenience store with food, household products and everyday items on the premises.
2. Many department stores, shopping complexes, small stores around the Hsin-Chu Station area.




  The temperature is between 25-37℃ during the summer period (May to September), 13-21℃ in winter(December to February), 15-26℃ in spring(March to April), and 17-28℃ in autumn (October to November) .




  From airport to NTUH Hsin-Chu Branch: The regular shuttle bus station is on the 1st floor of the terminals I and II at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The buses run every 30~40minutes to the Taoyuan high speed railway station.
  From the Taoyuan high speed Railway station to Hsin-chu high speed railway station takes about 10minutes. There are 2 ways from Hsin-chu high speed railway station to NTUH Hsin-chu Br.  One is to take a local train form Liujia station (NT30) to North Hsin-chu station, then walk to the Hospital. Another one is to get to the Hospital by taxi (NT300).
1. Transportation in Hsin-Chu: There are many ways to travel within Hsin-Chu city taxi, bus, motorcycle. If you are going to stay in Hsin-Chu for more than one month, we suggest that you buy an EasyCard bus and railways . The EasyCards can be purchased at all 24hr convenience store.
2. Transportation within Taiwan: Bus services, domestic flights, railway or High Speed Rail are available for traveling in Taiwan Safety.

  In comparison with many large cities, Hsin-Chu has a relatively low crime rate.
The streets are fairly safe even at night. Like anywhere else in the world, travelers should use caution when riding in taxi alone at night. It is recommended to use a radio-dispatched cab service. Theft of personal property is more common, especially when riding in crowded buses or MRT.




  Around the island of Taiwan, the potential for sightseeing and exploration is unlimited. Please go to the website of Tourism Bureau of Taiwan for travel suggestions and more information.


Useful Phone Numbers


1. NTUH Hsin-Chu Br. is +886-3-5326-151, then dial the 4-digit extension number..
2. Department of Medical Education: +886-3-5326-151 #8855, for application information and consultation.


Useful websites

Tourism Bureau of Taiwan
Taiwan High Speed Rail
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC
Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
National Taiwan University
National Taiwan University Medical Library
Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan
Taipei City Police Department
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