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Message from Superintendent


First of all, as the present superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin Chu Branch, I have to express my whole-hearted appreciation to our previous superintendent Professor J.S. Sun for his great contribution and unlimited effort for this hospital in the past five years. Trace to the prosperity of our hospital, I will tackle with the future challenges and infinite needs, with alignment to previous policy as well as some modification of direction may be suspected.

Along with Professor Sun’s scope and our looking forward to the future, the following five directions will be established. 1.To provide top-quality medical services. 2.Deep implantation to community-based health care. 3.Encourage teaching academic and research. 4.Enthusiastic participation in international medical affairs. 5.To follow the extraordinary Medical Raw Model.

Consequently, to upgrade our subspecialty service, and to provide high quality emergency rescue, as well as Intensive care, advance technology, to promote multidisciplinary oncology team, preventive medical care, and vulnerable group care etc seem to be mandatory. Prospective and continuation of the conjoined projects with National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, and YuanPei University will be highly appreciated and the cooperation will go on. However, life-long learning is our key issue and for sure our medical service quality plus the research momentum will reach another higher level by the human resources cultivation. On the other hand, international medical services will be sustained in progress both quantitatively and qualitatively. About our eight planned functional centers, three of them are already established, namely, oncology medical center, severe critical care medical center, and cardiovascular medicine center. The other five are still under process such as neurology medical center, maternal and child health center, interventional gastro-hepatobilliary diseases center, organ transplant center and finally biotechnology center. Association to our ongoing hospital expansion project, a brand new campus will be built and located in NanYa area HsinChu City, which is coming soon under our global effort. With one single goal and destiny, we are working and fighting hand in hand for the health and well being of the people in this pan-Hsin Chu district, and ready to build a solid, most important and functional medical foundation right here.