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Everything you need to know during your hospitalization
Dear patients, in order to know the facilities in our hospital more quickly and be admitted to the ward smoothly, we provided this document for you.
Staff members will all wear an identification badge, and you can refuse the medical service if they did not wear the badge. If you have any questions, please ask the nursing staff freely or see the “Inpatient care guidelines”.





Ward registration

Arrival time

If you were admitted to scheduled surgery, came before 9:00AM, others came between 09:00AM and 02:00PM. Please Don’t arriving too earlier, or you may wait for a long time till the beds were available.

Patient admission center (PAT)


1. National health insurance IC care  2. Identification

1F admission desk

Fasting time

__ _Month___Day □After 12AM  □ Neither food , water nor medicine .
Fasting beginning  □After ___AM □ Neither food, nor water, except 
medicine .

In home

Scheduled Surgery

1. Surgery and anesthesia consents should be signed by (Spouse, Patients, Brothers, or Sisters), and their age need beyond 18.
2. On the day and the day before the scheduled date for operation, the patient need grown-up accompanies.

In home

If any questions, you can call 5326151-6458 between 8:00AM to 4:30PM.



Food heating equipment

Food warmer is available 24 hours .
Microwave is available on convenience store.

Each ward
1F convenience store

Drinking Water

Drinking fountains

Each ward

Meals Reservation

Patient: Make the reservation by nursing staff or secretary.
Family: There are all kinds of food in 1F food court , and patients wearing hospital clothing, receiving intravenous medication were prohibited.

Each ward
1F food court



Laundry room offers paid washing machine and dryer.

Each floor







Something you need to prepare

For personal hygiene, please bring your own toiletries items, clothes, slippers, cups, and toilet paper. By the way, you can buy these things in 1F convenient store.
Our hospital can provide 1 quilt for each patient. Family should prepare quilt by themselves. Extra hospital quilt will be charged 100 NTD/1 quilt

1F convenience store

Hot water supply

08:30 AM to 12:00 AM (After 12:00 AM water temperature will be lower).

Each ward

Falling down prevention

When you felt dizziness after sitting up, leaving the bed first time after surgery or lying down several days, be sure to have accompanies.
If you found the wet floor , please inform the staff immediately. If the stuff are cleaning the floor, please follow the instructions .
※ Please inform the nurses when you leaving your room. The caregiver must follow the instructions from our staffs.
※ Please pull up the bed lateral railing when you leaving the patients.

Each ward


Smoking policy

According to the law, smoking is prohibited in our hospital. If you need suggest for quitting smoking, you can visit our special clinics. (Department of internal medicine division of the chest or department of family medicine) .

The hospital district

Fire prevention

※ Do not use your own electronics in the ward.
Both sides of the corridor have configured extinguisher.
Emergent exit are set on both sides of the end of corridor.

Each ward


If facilities are damaged or malfunctioned, Please inform the nursing staff.
If you broken the facilities or brought them home, reparation is required.

Each ward


※ Please don’t take valuable belongings to the hospital, and placed you mobile   properly.

Each ward

Access control

1. Keep the door closed without locking it. If you found strangers or suspects, please inform our stuff immediately.
2. For your safety, the visitors were prohibited to enter the ward from 9:30PM
to 6:30AM on the next day.
3. If the visitors had fever (greater the ear 38°C), infectious diseases (Influenza, Chicken pox, Enterovirvs, or Rubella) should not visit patient in order to reduce cross-infection. In order to let the patients rest properly , visitors with psychiatric disease or alcoholism , should not visit patients.
4. The escort need go to the nursing station to apply identification badge .

Each ward

Leaving rules

1. You must get the permission from the doctor before leaving the ward. The r maximum time was 4 hours a day. Stay overnight is prohibited. You have to informed out staff after you come back. If you didn’t come back to hospital or leaving more than 4 hours, we may be considered as discharge against medical advise.
2. Every time when leaving the room, you should notice your attending nurse.

Each ward

Withdrawal money

ATM is available in hospital.

Hsin building 1F


Wheelchair or assistive devices

If your need wheelchair, assistive devices s, walker, or commode, and please borrow from ward stations. You have to give it back after finishing use.

Each ward

Parking fee

The parking fee should be paid via the machine before you leaving the hospital for avoiding traffic jam.

Hsin building 1F


Leisure services

Opening hours of the temple, Monday to Saturday 08:00AM ~ 05:00PM.
Please inform you nurse before leaving the ward, or you may disrupt the medical treatment.

Chu building 6F


Free wireless internet is provided in the ward.

Each ward


Washing the hands

For you and your visitors health, please washing your hands before enter the ward and after leaving the ward to reduce the infection. Hand sanitizer is provided near the elevator.

Each ward

In case you need foreign caregiver, please follow up our law. Please hire the legal caregiver and the penalty of hiring illegal caregiver is NTD 150.000 to 750.000 ) .
For your best future, please support organ donation and “do not resuscitate”.
Apply now: Please contact with the nurse station or go to service center to signed the organ donation consent  
Phone application: call 0800-091-066
Internet application: http://www.organ.org.tw/