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Department Condition/Specialty Specialists
Department of Neurology Epilepsy. Ping-Chen Chou, 
Yih-Chih Kuo
Department of Neurology Headache. Yi-Chen Lee, 
Yu-Hsin Chen,
Kun-Chang Tsai
Department of Neurology Neuromuscular disease and hereditary disease. Ru-Jen Lin
Department of Neurology Movement disorders
(Parkinsonism and involuntary movement).
Kai-Hsiang Chen, 
Ru-Jen Lin, 
Tian-Sin Fan,
Yih-Chih Kuo
Department of Neurology Deep brain stimulation and repetitive
transcranial stimulation treatment.
Kai-Hsiang Chen
Department of Neurology Botulinum toxin treatment. Kai-Hsiang Chen,
Ru-Jen Lin,
Yi-Chen Lee,
Yu-Hsin Chen
Department of Neurology Dementia. Bak-Sau Yip, 
Yu-Wen Cheng,
Cheng-I Chu,
Cheng-Hsuan Li
Department of Neurology Stroke and general neurology. Ping-Chen Chou,
Yi-Chen Lee,
Yi-Pin Chiu,
Bak-Sau Yip,
Ru-jen Lin, 
Cheng-I Chu
Yu-Hsin Chen
Cheng-Hsuan Li
Yu-Wen Cheng
Kun-Chang Tsai
Department of Neurology Neurovascular intervention. Kun-Chang Tsai
Department of Neurology Vertigo. Yi-Pin Chiu, 
Yu-Hsin Chen


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