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Patient & Visitor

Charge and Payment

Outpatient Fees (for reference)
Registration and Copayment Fees Outpatient registration: NTD 120.
Copayment for general public: NTD 240.
Dispensary fee: NTD 20 per NTD 100 of total dispensary.
Emergency room registration: NTD 300.
Emergency room copayment for general public: NTD 300.
Emergency room registration with referral: NTD 120.
Emergency room copayment for general public with referral:
NTD 100.
Exemption of copayment fee
  1. Catastrophic or major illness as defined by the National Health Insurance (NHI) Administration with NHI IC Card notation.
  2. Childbirth.
  3. Registered low-income or veteran patients with NHI IC Card notation.
  4. Registered tuberculosis patients visiting hospitals designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MoHW) for treatment.
  5. Patients with Laborer's Occupational Accident Outpatient sheet or Laborer's Occupational Accident Inpatient sheet.
  6. Preventive health care services (e.g., pre-natal exams; preventive health care for children under 7 years and adults over 40 years old; regular Pap smears and mammography for women between 50 and 70 years of age; biennial stool occult blood tests; biennial oral mucosal screening for smokers or areca nut chewers over 30 years old).
  7. Centenarians with a viable NHI IC Card.
  8. Children under 3 years old with a viable NHI IC Card.
  9. Neonates (within 30 days old) adhering to parents with a viable NHI IC Card.
Identification Requirement for Registration
  1. Individuals covered by the National Health Insurance: your NHI IC Card. Holders of the Maternal Health Booklet or Children's Health Manual should also provide the above upon registration. Please provide supplementary ID if your NHI IC Card does not display your photo (National ID Card, Household Certificate etc.).
  2. If this is your first visit, please provide both your NHI IC Card and National ID Card, Household Certificate or other supplementary ID.
  3. Foreigners: alien residence certificate or passport.
  4. Self-paying ROC Taiwan citizens: National ID Card.
  5. Individuals with preferential status should bring relevant documentation (e.g., Occupational Accident Sheet, Physical and Mental Disability Identification).
  1. 1.Patients who forget to bring their NHI IC Card need to pay the full health care bill in advance; the payment will be refunded if you bring your NHI IC Card and the original receipt to the front desk within 10 days (excluding weekends and holidays).
  2. The NHI allows prescription refill by proxy only in the following conditions:
    • Disability due to long-term bedridden status (a physician’s certificate is required).
    • Participation in offshore fishing expedition with relevant documentation.
    • Individuals under custody or declaration of assistance, with a copy of the court ruling supplied by the proxy.
    • Medically certified dementia.
    • Other conditions approved by the NHI 
  3. If you need to cancel a registration, please do so at least a day in advance; cancellation will not be accepted on the day of appointment and will count as a missed appointment.
  4. Evening clinic does not provide vaccination services.


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