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Department of Medical Research


▋ 2011 Department of Education and Medical Research

In order to broaden the spectrum of medical research, National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) has increased focuses not only basic and translational research but also training of research staffs, in addition to raising its medical research standards. In 2011, National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Branch established Department of Education and Medical Research, which branched out from the Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine of the National Taiwan University College of Medicine.

▋ 2021 Department of Medical Research

In 2021, with reinvention of institution, the Department of Education and Medical Research has been divided into two independent departments, namely, Department of Medical Education and Department of Medical Research.
As a university medical center, research is one of the major core missions as it affects the medical technology and competitiveness. The essence of medical research is innovation, which leads the hospital to become a better and greater institution.
Department of Medical Research coordinates and allocate research budgets, also oversees research progress and quality. It constantly looks for and promote industrial cooperation and external funding.

▋ 2021.8 Clinical Trial Center

In recent years, biotechnology has always been the first priority for the nation’s health care industries; however, the most critical step in new drug developments, i.e., the human clinical trials, has faced the bottleneck for years because of its legal complexity and high costs.
In order to overcome such bottlenecks, National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Branch established Clinical Trial Center in August 2021.
The Center has established a clinical research environment and standard operating system to facilitate new drug clinical trial researches by working with leading international pharmaceutical companies on various diseases. Our collaborations significantly speed up new drug clinical research, and subsequently benefits patients around the world.

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