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Admission Information

Biomedical Park Hospital (Zhubei and Chu-tung Campuses)
Admission Guide

The following guide serves to facilitate your admission and acclimatization to the hospital environment. All hospital staff should present authentic identification; patients have the right to refuse any medical services provided by individuals who do not present authentic ID. Please direct any inquiries to our nursing staff. We wish you an uneventful stay and a speedy recovery!

    Details Location
Admission Check-in Check-in Time Please check-in before 9 am if your surgery is scheduled on the day of admission; for other patients, please check-in between 9am to 2pm. Your bed may not yet be available if you check-in early. A precise check-in time will be assigned to you during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our staff will contact you via phone one day before your scheduled admission as a reminder. You will also be notified in the case that no free beds are available.
Zhubei Campus:
Outpatient Counter, Ground Floor Lobby.

Chu-tung Campus:
Admission Service Center, Ground Floor.
Required Documents
  1. National Health Insurance IC Card (if applicable).
  2. National ID Card, Alien Residence certificate and/or passport.
Zhubei Campus:
Outpatient Counter, Ground Floor Lobby.

Chu-tung Campus:
Admission Service Center, Ground Floor.
Pre-admission Fasting □ No fasting necessary
□ No food, drink (including water) or medications
□ No food, drink (including water), but continue medications
from _____ AM/PM of __________________(date)
Admission For Surgery
  1. Consent for surgery and anesthesia must be co-signed by an adult relative within the third degree (i.e., spouse, parent, child or sibling).
  2. An adult family member is required to accompany you in the afternoon before and on the day of surgery.
  3. Please remove gel nails to prevent interference with your treatment.
Hospitalization and Treatment Fees Payment can be made via cash or ATM card transfer (remittance-free) upon your discharge from the hospital. Zhubei Campus:
Outpatient Counter, Ground Floor Lobby.

Chu-tung Campus:
Admission Service Center, Ground Floor.
If you need to reschedule your admission or have other inquiries, please contact us (from 08:00 to 17:30) at:
Zhubei Campus: (03)667-7600 ext. 531172,
Chu-tung Campus: (03)594-3248 ext. 1107
Food and Drink Food Heating Food heaters and coin-operated steamers are available at all wards. Wards
Drinking Water Drinking fountains are available at all wards. Wards
Meals Hospital meals can be arranged for patients and accompanying family members at the nursing station.

Meals are also available at the food court/convenience store of both campuses; please note that patients dressed in hospital gowns or with indwelling IVs/catheters are not allowed.
Wards, Ground Floor Food Court/stores.
Laundry Washing and Drying Laundry rooms with coin-operated washing machines and dryers are available at all wards. Wards
Necessities Daily Necessities
  1. To ensure your personal hygiene, please prepare your own toiletries, clothes and slippers. Necessities can be purchased at the ground floor stores.
  2. Blankets are provided for the patient only; accompanying family members will need to either provide their own blanket or rent one from the hospital at NTD 100 per piece.
Ground floor stores/shops
Hot Water Supply Hot water for showering is provided between 8:30am to 12am (midnight); a slight drop in water temperature is expected after 12am. Wards
Fall Precautions Please ensure that someone is at your bedside to aid you if:
  • You experience dizziness when sitting up.
  • You are attempting to get up after being bedridden for a prolonged period.
  • You are getting out of bed for the first time after surgery.

Please report any wet floors to our staff immediately; pay attention to signs and notices if floor cleaning is in progress.
  • Be certain to notify our nursing staff if you wish to leave the ward; please comply with instructions from the medical staff.
  • If caregivers need to leave the patient’s bedside, please ensure that the bed rails are pulled up.
Tobacco Ban In accordance with tobacco hazard prevention regulations, smoking is prohibited throughout the hospital grounds. Hospital Grounds
Fire Prevention Please do not utilize high power consumption appliances in the ward (e.g., toasters, coffee machines, microwave ovens, heaters, electric blankets, hair dryers, massage mats, inflatable mattresses). Extension cords are not allowed.

Fire extinguishers are deployed along both sides of the ward aisles. The fire escapes are at the far ends the ward aisle.
Equipment and Facilities Please notify our nursing staff of any damaged or malfunctioning equipment in the ward. The hospital will seek compensation if equipment or facilities are wantonly damaged or removed without consent. Wards
Valuables Please refrain from bringing any valuables to the hospital; mind your cellphone and other personal belongings. Wards
Changing Beds/rooms
  1. Please notify our nursing staff if you wish to change your bed or room during your stay.
  2. Your fees will be calculated based on the actual days spent in the respective room types.
Visting Hours and Safety
  1. Please keep your room door closed but unlocked; notify our staff immediately if you notice any unidentified or suspicious individuals.
  2. For your safety, visitors are not allowed between 10pm to 6am. Visiting is further restricted during the Covid pandemic.
  3. Visitors with fever (ear temperature > 37.5°C), infectious diseases (e.g., flu, chickenpox, enterovirus, measles...) or under substance influence are not allowed.
  4. Family members accompanying the patient should apply for a pass at the nursing station; the pass must be returned upon discharge.
Temporary Leave
  1. Temporary leave from the hospital is limited to 4 hours/day per NHI regulations; leave must be approved by your physician, and you cannot spend the night away from the hospital. Please only leave after you have completed your leave application and notify the nursing staff upon your return. Expiring your leave by more than 4 hours will be treated as discharge against medical advice.
  2. Please notify our nursing staff if you need to leave the ward for any reason.
  3. Leaving the hospital is not permitted during the Covid pandemic.
ATM ATMs are available on the right side of the ground floor lobby. Ground Floor Lobby
Ambulation Wheelchairs and Orthotics Wheelchairs, walker orthotics and potty chairs are available for loan at the nursing station; please return them after use. Wards
Parking Please consult our parking regulations and fees. Parking Lot
Personal Hygiene Hand Sanitization To prevent the spread of contagions, please wash your hands after entering and before leaving your room. Alcohol handwash dispensers are available at all elevator lobbies. Wards
Others Medical Document Application
  1. Applications for medical certificates or record summaries can be made at the nursing station during your stay.
  2. For other records or reports, please apply to the medical record counter on the ground floor. Medical image copies can be made at the Department of Radiology on the ground floor. Applications forms for the above are available at the nursing station.
Wi-Fi Zhubei Campus: Wi-Fi available in ward rooms.
Chu-tung Campus: Wi-Fi available in the ward lobby.
  1. Periodic artworks are on display on the ground floor lobby and hospital entrance.
  2. A garden trail is located near the hospital entrance.
Ground Floor Lobby


  1. Should you require to hire a caregiver, please apply through legitimate channels; illegal hiring carries a fine of NTD 150,000 to 750,000.
  2. If you are willing to sign up for organ donation, application is available through the Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center (0800-888-067 working hours, https://www.torsc.org.tw/about/about_08.jsp).
  3. We respect your autonomy regarding healthcare decisions. Application forms for advance directives regarding end-of-life care, do-not-resuscitate orders and assigning a medical proxy are available.
  4. Telephone consultations:
Zhubei Campus: (03)667-7600 with the following extensions:
Social welfare and donations: 531168
Drugs and medications: 531666
Information center: 531180
Chu-tung Campus: (03)594-3248 with the following extensions:
Social welfare and donations: 1162
Drugs and medications: 1166
Information center: 1138

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