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About Hsinchu Branch


NTU Hsin-Chu Hospital

Hospital founding
Taiwan was ceded to Japan by the Qing dynasty in May 1895. The predecessor of present-day NTU Hsin-Chu Hospital was established under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Army Medical Corps in the same year. Supervision was transferred to the Civil Affairs Office in 1896, and the hospital was renamed as Hsinchu Hospital. It was reformed as the Hsinchu County Hsinchu Hospital in 1897, with establishment of a Miaoli branch. The hospital was restructured under the Government-General of Taiwan in 1898 as the Taiwan Government-General Hsinchu hospital, a designation it held until the end of World War II.
Japanese occupation period
The hospital was first established within the Hsinchu Prefecture Office; it was relocated to the South Gate Dragon King Temple and Yuying Hall on Hsinchu Street in June 1897. Construction of new hospital grounds at current-day 59 Ximen Street commenced in September 1908; the project lasted over a decade, including modern wards, operating theaters and nurse dormitories, and was completed in October 1922. Add-ons including a grand auditorium and concrete outpatient buildings were completed in 1930, with modernization of hospital equipment and facilities.

Post-World War II
Following the Recovery of Taiwan by Nationalist China in August 1945 and the establishment of the Taiwan Provincial Government, the hospital was renamed the Provincial Hsinchu Hospital under the supervision of the Taiwan Provincial Department of Health.

Relocation to current grounds
With the passing of time the original hospital grounds, after being in service for six decades, gradually proved insufficient to meet modern medical needs. Construction of a new complex was started at the current hospital site (No. 25, Ln 442, Jingguo Rd Sec 1, Hsinchu City) in 1979 and completed in 1982; operation of the new hospital grounds started in January 1983. Following the increase of healthcare demand, a new wing with a capacity of 637 beds was completed in 1999; the original building was christened the “Bamboo Wing” and the new building “New Wing”.

With the restructuring of the Taiwan Provincial Government, the hospital was renamed the Executive Yuan Department of Health Hsinchu Hospital in 1999. Supervision of the hospital was transferred to the National Taiwan University on July 1, 2011, and the hospital was renamed as the Hsinchu Branch of the Affiliated Hospital of the National Taiwan University School of Medicine. The three branches of the National Taiwan University Hospital in the Greater Hsinchu region were restructured into the National Taiwan University School of Medicine Affiliated Hospital Hsin-Chu Branch on January 1, 2021.

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