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About Hsinchu Branch


NTU BioMedical Park Hospital Chu-Tung Campus

After the administrative division of Hsinchu County and Hsinchu City, a new hospital was planned in the Hsinchu County to meet the medical needs and promote the general health of its citizens. After meticulous survey, Zhudong Township was chosen as the site of the new hospital. The Taiwan Provincial Chutung Hospital was established under the supervision of the Provincial Department of Health on July 1, 1993; it became operational on June 26, 1994.  With the goal of providing humanistic care for all its citizens, the hospital provided healthcare for the 13 townships of Hsinchu County, including the remote regions of Wufeng and Jianshi.

With the restructuring of the Taiwan Provincial Government, supervision of the hospital was transferred to the Department of Health under the Executive Yuan on July 1, 1999. In order to meet the rising demand of healthcare services and provide adequate emergency and critical care, the hospital was incorporated into the National Taiwan University Hospital Healthcare Network and reinstated as the National Taiwan University Hospital Chutung Branch on July 1, 2011. On January 1, 2021, the hospital was integrated with the NTUH Hsinchu and Biomedical Park Branches into the National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin-chu Branch.

Role and Mission
The Chu-tung Campus of the National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin-chu Branch is both a member of the NTUH Healthcare System and a community hospital. Our core values include respect of life, humanistic services and community care, and our mission is to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of Hsinchu County’s populace. Our management strategies include facilitating systemic cooperation, maintaining a well-structured healthcare network and promoting a healthy community. Our aim is to become the most trusted healthcare provider in the greater Zhudong region.

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