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About Hsinchu Branch


NTU BioMedical Park Hospital Zhubei Campus
The National Taiwan University Hospital Biomedical Park Branch was established on December 16th, 2019.  Construction was divided into two phases, incorporating core research facilities and international medical service capacities. Phase 1 construction involved the main medical wing, with two levels below and eight levels above ground. While the main purpose of the medical wing was to provide clinical services, outpatient and inpatient clinical trial facilities were also incorporated into its design.

Construction commenced in January 2017 and was completed in August 2019, with a total capacity of 500 general ward and 228 specialized ward beds. Currently 380 beds are operational, including 250 general and 130 specialized ward beds; the remaining 348 beds are planned to provide service once the Phase 2 research wing is operational.

The main mission of the NTUH Biomedical Park Branch is to comply with national policy and promote the biomedical industry, collaborating with the Hsinchu Science Park corporations to develop smart hardware and software for the biomedical field. It serves as a nexus between the clinical medical profession and the biomedical industry, providing opportunities and resources for translation medicine research and clinical trials. The overall aim is to integrate Taiwan’s biomedical industry, improve clinical practice and cultivate talent in the biomedical field, ensuring Taiwan’s competitiveness in the global biomedical network. The NTUH Biomedical Park Branch, along with the Hsinchu and Chutung Branches, were restructured into the National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin-chu Branch on January 1, 2021.

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